10 Inspiring Celebrity It Gets Better Videos

It’s been a tumultuous several weeks for the LGBT community and its allies, from the alarming number of gay teen suicides to the recent spike in homophobic violence to Dan Savage’s deeply inspiring It Gets Better Project. In light of all that, we at Flavorpill would like to celebrate National Coming Out Day with a roundup of our 10 favorite celebrity It Gets Better videos. Our picks range from indie musicians (Scissor Sisters, Sia) to viral video stars (Sassy Gay Friend, Chris Crocker) to world-famous TV personalities (Chris Colfer, Tim Gunn). Check them out after the jump, then head to the It Gets Better Project’s YouTube page to watch more clips or upload your own.

Sassy Gay Friend

Brian Gallivan, the comedian who plays the hysterical Sassy Gay Friend in Second City’s wildly popular viral videos, steps out of character to talk about his own experience as a gay man. Although he avoided bullying by remaining in the closet, he regrets that he hid who he was, waiting until his mid-20s to start dating men and avoiding the stereotypically gay world of improv until he turned 30. One of his best recommendations: read to expand your world and feel understood.