Who Are the Toughest Moms in Rock?

While the Sleater-Kinney-shaped hole in our hearts remains gaping, some serious consolation can be found in Corin Tucker’s debut solo album, 1,000 Years. The riot grrrl-turned-righteous mama blends her fierce wail and earth-shattering guitar licks with softer touches of strings and acoustic guitar on her “middle-aged mom record,” an album that she admits is “not a record that a young person would write.” In fact, Tucker’s nine-year-old son and two-year-old daughter come first, traveling with their mom on short tours in support of the record.

As 1,000 Years proves — in tracks like the hard, fast “Doubt” — being a mom doesn’t stop the rock. In fact, lots of ladies have mastered the art of rocking and rearing. After the jump,  we celebrate Tucker’s return to music with our list of the toughest rock ‘n roll moms, who balance the two roles without missing a beat.

Patti Smith

A legend in multiple mediums, it only makes sense that Patti Smith would kick some ass as a mother, too. In his 2008 documentary Dream of Life, filmmaker Steven Sebring captured her years as a single mother of sons Jesse and Jackson, moving from Detroit to New York City in the wake of her husband’s (Fred “Sonic” Smith of MC5) death. In this preview for the film, it’s clear that Smith applied her independent vision to maternal issues as well, stating proudly, “As you can see, I was not a mother that used bleach.” Check out a shot of Smith with one of her sons at 1:29.