Judy Blume Books In Need of a Film Adaptation

Judy Blume has announced that she’s adapting one of her lesser-known teen novels, Tiger Eyes, for the big screen, and that her son, Lawrence Blume, will be directing it. This is exciting news for those of us who grew up on the Blume canon; surprisingly, none of her young adult classics has ever been made into a feature film before now. Which got us thinking: which one of her beloved books should be next? We’ve nominated five heavy contenders after the jump. Weigh in with your own picks in the comments.

Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret (1970)

Back in the day, this book was the menstruation bible, a place where future Pre-Teen Sensations could find out about sex, bras, and periods without having to actually talk to their mothers. Margaret Simon asked many of the coming of age questions that we didn’t even realize that we had  — even tackling the complicated issue of identity in a half Jewish household — without ever feeling like the condescending invention of some adult. We only foresee one issue: Where is the wardrobe department going to find belted sanitary napkins?