Flavorpill’s Favorite Finds from CMJ 2010

It’s easy to get cranky about New York’s annual CMJ Music Marathon, with its long lines, short sets, and general air of overstimulated panic. But although we generally go kicking and screaming to our first showcase and spend its last few days on the brink of collapse, we can’t deny that it brings some of the best music from around the world to our corner of the world for five days of dancing, drinking, and discovery.

Luckily for those of you who missed the event and are, we imagine, having a much more functional Monday than we are, the Flavorpill team was all over CMJ 2010. From upstart punks to sissy bounce superstars to beguiling songstresses and beyond, we introduce you to our 13 favorite bands — new kids and perennial favorites alike — from this year’s festival.

Dom (MOG party at Brooklyn Bowl, 10.19)
In a year plagued with more monotonous, annoying subgenre trends than any in recent memory, MOG’s lineup of three unapologetic guitar rock bands was refreshingly reactionary. To be honest, we didn’t have high hopes for Dom — perhaps because they were sandwiched between two of our favorites, Screaming Females and Yo La Tengo. But they certainly lived up to their billing, charming us with silly, catchy tracks off their debut EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods. The band, with its eponymous, shaggy-haired, nasal frontman, combines simple, Ramones-style punk with ‘70s cock-rock flourishes, an oil-and-water mixture emulsified by pure, good-natured enthusiasm. Highlights included “Bochicha,” a shouty sing-along track about Dom’s cat, and “Living in America,” with its jokey synths and funnier “It’s so sexy to be living in America” chorus. – Judy Berman