Classic Kids Book Covers Then and Now

Sweet Valley High is back, with what seems like its millionth reinvention. Jezebel has posted the cover of Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, a novel meant for adults that updates us on the now 20-something Wakefield twins. The simple, sexy image — a woman’s blonde hair falling over her face and plump lips — got us thinking about some of our favorite childhood books’ recent cover design transformations. Check up on everything from The Baby-sitters Club to Bunnicula t0 Roald Dahl after the jump.

Sweet Valley High

Soft-focus illustrations has given way to three staples of chick lit cover design: pink background, script lettering, and sexy photography. Apparently, the Wakefield twins have traded shoulder-length coifs and modest garb for long, wind-blown tresses and plunging necklines.