The 10 Best-Dressed Artists of the Past 100 Years

In many cases, a visual artist’s fashion choices can’t hold a candle to his or her work. The word boring comes to mind. But for others, clothing becomes an extension of the canvas, a way to convey their aesthetic to the world outside of a gallery’s walls. In recent times, there are those few who have become almost as recognizable for their stylistic sensibilities as for their artistic skills. After the jump, check out ten great artists with equally distinctive personal styles.

Andy Warhol

Warhol — who first became well-known thanks to his illustrations for shoe advertisements — once said that that all art is eventually “going to become fashion art.” While most of his Superstars opted for a more over-the-top aesthetic, his look was more about simplicity. Warhol’s signature color was black, which contrasted nicely with his ash blonde wigs, and his typical outfit featured big black sunglasses (which he was buried wearing), striped shirts, and black jeans.