Cult Film Graveyard: A Halloween Tour of Famous Memorials

Yesterday, in honor of Halloween and the many deaths of punk rock, we took you on a crazy trip through the grave sites of fallen punk legends. Since we all survived that wild ride (and even had some fun doing it), we’re back today with an equally spooky tour of cult film stars’ headstones, from Divine and Russ Meyer to Edie Sedgwick and the man responsible for Shaft. Tomorrow: literature’s masters of horror!

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John Waters’s childhood friend and muse and People magazine’s Drag Queen of the Century, Divine elevated trash to art, playing unforgettably over-the-top characters in films including Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Hairspray. He (yes, that’s the pronoun, because Harris Glenn Milstead always considered himself a man) also memorably portrayed Jackie Kennedy in an early, crazy Waters short called “Eat Your Makeup.” Divine died of an enlarged heart in 1988, only a week after the release of Hairspray. You can visit Divine’s grave at Prospect Hill Park Cemetery in Towson, MD. Fans tend to decorate (or, depending on your point of view, deface) his headstone with lipstick kisses, eyeliner messages, and gifts such as donuts.