10 of the Creepiest Pop Songs of All Time

Yes, it’s Halloween, and yes, that means that we’ve put together a Halloween-themed list. However, instead of rehashing “Thriller” and various Alice Cooper and Misfits tracks, we thought we’d go for some genuinely disturbing songs – specifically, 10 of the creepiest (as in, most genuinely unsettling) pop songs ever recorded. Obsessiveness, violence, car crashes, questionable sexual proclivities and an R&B singer with an unwanted erection… they’re all here. With deceptively pretty melodies.

The Police – “Every Breath You Take”

“Every Breath You Take” is music’s most famous tale of obsession — a fact that hip-hop übertwat P. Diddy missed entirely when he ripped off this song for his ghastly saccharine Notorious BIG tribute. Sting’s lyric here is downright frightening: “Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.” Um… people get arrested for that kind of thing.


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