Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Book Worms

If, even after our four-part DIY Pop-Culture Halloween Costume Guide, you’re still at a loss for what to wear this weekend, there’s still hope for you yet. Although there’s no time left to order items online, a quick scouring of your wardrobe (or that of a friend) will yield a few standard items that can be passed off as vague references to a character from fiction. And if any costume snobs question your piecemeal assembly, the best response is just an indignant eye-roll at their lack of literary know-how.

Sabina, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Sabina’s devil-may-care attitude stems from her twin passions for art and sex. As the female counterpart to the novel’s Tomas (and the foil to his wife Tereza), Sabina embodies the qualities of free-spirited lightness on which the title is based. If anyone asks, just say that you enjoy humiliation and loathe kitsch.

What you’ll need: bowler hat; men’s dress shirt; visible lingerie; a blank painter’s canvas (optional)