Pic of the Day: The Underbelly Project

The Underbelly Project is an art exhibition featuring work from 103 street artists from around the world — ranging from established names like Ron English and Swoon to up and comers like Noh J Coley — housed in an abandoned New York City subway station. It is essentially the equivalent of buried treasure.

While the gallery space is not open to the public (and in fact, the entrance has since been removed), the New York Times got a two and half tour of the location on the condition that any details that would help identify the site not be published. “We do want to preserve the kind of sacred quality of the place but we also want people to know it exists,” explained one of the show’s curators, a street artist who goes by PAC. “And we want it to become part of the folklore of the urban art scene.”Luckily, the Times reporter wasn’t the only one to document this brief underground show. Click through for a selection of photos of the project that were shot by Luna Park, and read her first-hand account of the strange experience here.

Revok x Ceaze. Photo credit: Luna Park