Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop’s Hot Glue Hullabaloo

Taking a lesson from the Deitch Projects playbook of mixing multi-generational artists, Deitch disciples Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman, who run The Hole in Soho, have combined NYC’s ’80s downtown art legend Kenny Scharf with the ’00s energetic Virginia Beach art collective Dearraindrop to make a phantasmagorical mashup for our otherwise staid modern times. Although Scharf’s involvement is kind of Kenny-lite, the inspiration he provides for Dearraindrop, particularly lead member Joe Grillo, is gigantic. Scharf shows some signature graffiti wall murals, a work on paper of one of his Cosmic Donuts, and collaborates with the Dearraindrop team of Grillo and the brother/sister members Billy and Laura Grant on a painting, promotional sticker, and a mini-blacklight disco, which apes Scharf’s infamous Cosmic Cavern installations.

Hot Glue Hullabaloo — which celebrates Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop’s love of cartoons, thrift stores and street junk, underground comics and graffiti, customized clothing, collaging, and hot glue gunning — remains on view at The Hole in New York through December 4.

Click through below for a gallery of images.

Detail of painting by Joe Grillo of Dearraindrop, Courtesy The Hole