12 Great Musical Performances from Yo Gabba Gabba

Indie rock and children’s television came together this morning, when The Flaming Lips performed on the ground-breaking Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba. In its three seasons, the series has featured some surprisingly hip bands. For one of the show’s segments called “The Super Music Friends Show,” bands usually compose a song specifically for the series, in part because the lyrics to their hits may not be appropriate. (Fun fact: The Killers had to be introduced as “Brandon, Ronnie, Mark and Dave.”) To celebrate yet another awesome guest spot — and because even the biggest music fans might have missed them when they aired — we’ve compiled 12 of our favorite performances from the wacky kids show so far.

The Roots – “Lovely, Love My Family”

The Philly hip-hop group stopped by the show to extoll the importance of loving one’s family. ?uestlove looks like one happy camper here. You can also watch him “rehearsing” with one of the Gabba Gabba friends, Brobee.