Photo Gallery: Brooklyn’s Musical Renaissance, 1998-2005

It may seem difficult to imagine now, but Brooklyn hasn’t always been a world-famous hub of independent music. In fact, it was only in the late ’90s, as artists and musicians began to cross the bridge to Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick, and beyond that it became the mecca it is today.

Photographer Emily Wilson was there to see the borough’s music scene rise to international renown, and her debut book, Grand and Lorimer: Brooklyn’s Art and Music Scene 1998-2005, provides an inside glimpse into that exciting time. Featuring delightfully spontaneous photos of everyone from crossover sensations like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV on the Radio to more experimental bands such as Liars and Black Dice, the book is a record of North Brooklyn’s glory days — when artists could still afford to live there, and before every other building was half-empty high-rise. Click through for a gallery of photos from Grand and Lorimer, one of which, improbably enough, features Marilyn Manson. The book comes out November 20th, and New Yorkers can stop by Pete’s Candy Store between 4-7pm the same day for the release party.

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

All images © Emily Wilson,