50 TV Shows for 50 States: An Analysis

After the viral success of a map assigning each state its own movie comes this new graphic, which does the same thing for TV shows. Since the movie map provoked much debate, we’ve done some in-house analysis of the TV version as a conversation starter. See a bigger version here, read our observations after the jump, and discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.

Comedy: 20
Drama: 17
Reality: 5
Western: 4
Mystery: 2
Sci-fi: 1
Horror: 1

Regional trends
The Midwest has a pretty strong comedy block, with Coach (MN), That ’70s Show (WI), Freaks & Geeks (MI), The Drew Carey Show (OH), Parks & Recreation (IN), and Roseanne (IL).
Unsurprisingly, Westerns dominate the Northwest (although not the Pacific Northwest).
A solid line of drama extends down the Eastern seaboard, from CT (Gilmore Girls) to Virginia (The Waltons).

Particularly strong choices
Freaks & Geeks – MI
Golden Girls – FL
Big Love – UT
Northern Exposure – AK
Hawaii Five-O – HI

States defined by their most famous city
New York (Seinfeld)
Washington (Frasier)
Maryland (The Wire)
Nevada (Reno 911!)

Questionable choices
Oregon (Little People, Big World)
Louisiana (Billy the Exterminator) — over Treme? Really?
Colorado (Mork and Mindy)
California (Baywatch) — as far as we’re concerned, CA is all 90210 all the time

Other notes
My Secret Identity, the North Dakota show, was actually made for Canadian TV
What’s up with Evil Dead in Tennessee? As far as we can tell, Sam Raimi’s horror film series was never a TV show…

[via Vulture]