10 Online Lit Mags You Should Be Reading

The so-called death of print has hardly heralded the death of literature. To the contrary, the digital age has actually inspired a resurgence of publications that are committed to literary activity across a variety of styles, genres, and mediums — stuffy academic reviews be damned. Although plenty of established print journals have now fostered an online presence, this new generation of internet-centric periodicals has taken hold of the malleable platform (and the absence of print and distribution costs) to further the creative community. To get your feet wet, here are ten online publications that you should know about — and please share any other recommendations in the comments section.

1. Moon Milk Review
Emphasizing imagination and individuality in both its structure and substance, Moon Milk Review is a refreshing departure from cohesion-obsessed traditional lit rags. In addition to publishing edgy short stories and poetry, each issue features a classic piece of fiction (ranging from Kafka to Plath to Gogol), a multi-media gallery that spotlights compelling artwork, comedy, performance, and music, as well as a monthly “prosetry” contest with a rotating guest judge.