Marnie Stern’s Top 10 Female Guitarists

Indie guitar goddess Marnie Stern has been busy making T-shirts to match her Best Coast/Wavves headlines, all while wrapping up a US tour in support of her self-titled third LP. But let’s not forget the hammering, trilling guitar powers she wielded to make it happen in the first place. Stern had some time before trekking to Europe to work with Flavorpill on her top ten list of female guitarists — pleasantly surprising in light of her tongue-in-cheek track “Female Guitar Players are the New Black,” which she explains was written in response to “being asked so many times what’s it like being a female guitar player and having the focus be my gender.” Click through to find out who made the cut.

1. Nancy Wilson of Heart

Marnie says: “Nancy Wilson wrote the intro to ‘Crazy on You,’ and that beginning guitar is so intricate. I’ve seen her do it live and it’s really neat. I don’t think I really paid attention to that intro until 10 years ago. I’d say she’s my #1.”