Daily Dose Pick: The Advice of Strangers

Handing over control of his daily life to the online community for a month, artist and comic Marc Horowitz follows “The Advice of Strangers” on his whimsical website.

Horowitz polls his audience on such important questions as what he should discuss with his shrink and for whom he should vote, as well as more mundane matters, like whether he should drink a 5-Hour Energy drink or take a nap. Afterward, he videotapes the act of fulfilling the viewers’ choice. Presented by Creative Time as a public-art project, Horowitz’s real-time experiment takes social networking to new heights.

Visit The Advice of Strangers site, check out Marc Horowitz’s previous projects on I Need to Stop Soon, read an interview with the artist and his mother, and view his Flickr page.

Click through below for images and video from The Advice of Strangers.

My almost six-year-old friend learned about this site and had an idea for an “awesome poll.” Q: Which one of his suggested actions should I do today? A: Put 2 marshmallows on my chin, underwear on my head, and row around a lake. Marc Horowitz: The Advice of Strangers, presented by Creative Time