Photo Gallery: Jim Kazanjian’s Mutant, Recomposed Houses

It isn’t your eyes that deceive you in Jim Kazanjian‘s eerie house photographs — it’s the pictures themselves. Kazanjian creates the Tim Burton-esque structures by recomposing several photos into a single, surreal image. As Designboom notes, the Portland, OR artist has also done CGI work for TV and video games, the dark fantasy references (which also include H.P. Lovecraft and Algernon Blackwood) are hardly surprising.

Obsessed as Kazanjian seems to be with ruins, monstrosities, haunted houses, and mysterious fortifications, his work has a dream-like beauty to it. In one photo, the types of homes you might see in a glossy magazine are sliced, stacked, and placed on shaky stilts, balanced over a narrow gorge as dark smoke billows in the distance. In another, a strange, worm-like blob engulfs a shoddy house in a barren field overgrown with weeds. Take a tour of Kazanjian’s post-apocalyptic wonderland after the jump.

untitled_House, 2006. All images via Designboom.