Daily Dose Pick: Bernard Tschumi

Bernard Tschumi Architects design buildings, bridges, and plazas that blur the boundaries between art, society, symbol, and function.

They are responsible for some of the most staggeringly original and unforgettable — and sometimes controversial — edifices and public projects, both built and imagined, in the modern world. From the 1983 high-profile urban sculptural experiment of Paris’ Parc de la Villette, to the more recent Blue residential tower watching over New York’s Lower East Side, Tschumi’s progressive vision of fractured, expressive architecture embraces new materials, vibrant color, and the element of surprise.

See more of Tschumi’s projects at his website; peruse his extensive library of publications; and watch the full video of his 2009 CCA lecture.

BLUE Residential Tower. New York, 2004-2007