Kenny Scharf’s New Bowery Mural

Over the weekend graffiti artist Kenny Scharf put the finishing touches on a new large-scale painting, the fifth installment in the Bowery mural series. A joint project from The Hole gallery and Tony Goldman, the real-estate developer who owns the concrete space at the corner of Bowery and Houston, the series began with a re-creation of a Keith Haring painting from 1982, and continued with murals by Os Gemeos, Shepard Fairey, and Barry McGee. Click through for a closer look at Scharf’s mural, as well as images of the previous murals that have occupied the space.

Image credit: Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal

Image credit: Philip Montgomery for The Wall Street Journal

Barry McGee’s mural. Image via SLAMXHYPE

Shepard Fairey’s mural. Image credit: Cameron Schiller

Os Gemeos’ mural. Image via Hey I Like your Afro

The Keith Haring tribute mural. Image credit: Konrad Fiedler

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