World Party: The Nightlife Exchange Project in Pictures

It took months of planning and the efforts of artists and curators from across the globe, but it all proved worthwhile as 14 countries swapped culture on Saturday night. Smirnoff’s hugely ambitious Nightlife Exchange Project swept the planet on November 27, with nightfall bringing huge parties to cities everywhere from Buenos Aires to Beirut.

We tagged along to witness the planning in Bangkok and experience the event in Bangalore, but regardless of where you were, there was no way to be everywhere at once. That’s why we’re bringing you a photo roundup of what went down, spanning from South America to Australia. Check out how cultures combined, continents collided, and people partied around the world.

For more on the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, including photos, videos, and drink recipes, head over to the project’s Facebook page.

Click through for images from Nightlife Exchange parties around the globe.

A Thai-style dancer performs at the party in Lebanon