The Best Album Reissues of 2010

Rock music is getting old. It’s been 60 years since the Telecaster was released, 50 years since Elvis got out of the army, 40 years since Hendrix died, and over 30 since the Sex Pistols imploded. This fact, combined with a record industry that isn’t making any money anymore, has led to an interesting phenomenon: the rise of the deluxe reissue. More and more, record companies are cashing in on the fact that it’s older music lovers who have both disposable income and the propensity for spending it by furnishing them with reissued packages of records they already own, along with fancy booklets/bonus tracks/remasters/etc. This, of course, means there’s plenty of shite being peddled out there, but it also means there’s a heap of fantastic music that’s being reintroduced into the public consciousness, often on nice new vinyl or as high-quality digital files. Here are our picks for ten of the worthiest reissues to be released in 2010.

Galaxie 500
Today (1988), On Fire (1989), This Is Our Music (1990)

In his book Black Postcards, former Galaxie 500 main man Dean Wareham bemoans the number of times he’s had to answer the question, “So why aren’t you more famous?” But when you’ve made a trio of albums as good as these, it’s a question you’re going to get asked. Galaxie 500 remain one of the great underrated bands of the ‘80s, purveyors of a sound that’s as dreamily beautiful now as it was 20 years ago. Watch in particular for their cover of Joy Division’s “Ceremony,” which features as a bonus track to On Fire.