Iseeyou: Michael Wolf’s Voyeuristic Views

Shooting images of passengers crushed against the glass of crowded Tokyo subway cars and grabbing pix of random pedestrians from Google’s Street View, Hong Kong-based artist Michael Wolf pushes photography further into the 21st century in his current solo show, iseeyou, at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. Mixing the Compression and Street Views projects with his Transparent City series, which voyeuristically captures people through their windows in high-rise buildings in Chicago, and the Architecture of Density pictures, which reduce Hong Kong skyscrapers to nearly abstract grids that are sometimes populated by office workers, the Munich-born Wolf turns urban environments into sublime subject matter for radical experimentation.

Michael Wolf: iseeyou is on view at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York through December 24.

Click through below for a gallery of images.

Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression #05, 2010,  Digital C-print, 42 X 34 inches, Courtesy Bruce Silverstein Gallery