The Year’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers

For a year when the Death of Print Media meme was already old news, the dinosaurs of publishing managed to come up with more than their share of provocative content in 2010. (Hey, maybe it’s because they were fighting for their livelihoods.) From a bloody, naked threesome to questionable Photoshop practices to one of Afghanistan’s most wrenching war photos, we look back at the year’s ten most controversial magazine covers.

Lady Gaga mans up for Q

Early this year, Lady Gaga showed up topless on the cover of British music magazine Q. That alone wouldn’t have been particularly surprising — but if you look closely at the photo, you’ll realize she’s packing a little something extra below the belt. In response to the rumor that she has a penis, Gaga donned a strap-on. As a result, the cover was banned in the US.