10 Director’s Cuts That Are Worse Than the Original

One of the redeeming features of the “festive” season is that it presents an excuse to watch Bad Santa again. This year, Flavorpill settled down with the director’s cut edition of Terry Zwigoff’s anti-festive masterpiece and… Wait, what? He cut all the funny bits? Sitting through two hours of a formerly awesome film reduced to mediocrity by some ill-advised and inexplicable editing got us thinking about director’s cuts that have been substantially worse than their respective theatrical releases. Here’s ten of the biggest stinkers.

Bad Santa

Terry Zwigoff must be the only director in history to make a director’s cut that’s shorter than the original. Unfortunately, he does so by arbitrarily slicing a bunch of scenes from the theatrical release (largely, the funny scenes), and changing the ending to boot. The result is an eviscerated mess that has little of the original’s hilarious blacker-than-black charm, and leaves you not really caring at all whether the dwarf shoots Billy Bob’s character at the end of the movie.