The Top 10 TV Grandmas of All Time

Since the holidays are a time for family, it’s only natural to return from them thinking of our own kin. That — and our love of feisty old ladies — is what got us started compiling this list of TV’s top ten awesome grandmas, from the sweetest (remember Mother Winslow from Family Matters?) to the most deliciously sour (hello there, Lucille Bluth) to the utterly and sometimes tragically senile. Count down with us after the jump.

10. Adele Stackhouse, True Blood

Sookie and Jason’s beloved Gran is sweet and nurturing — she raised her grandkids herself after their parents’ death. But she’s no delicate flower, either. An open-minded lady, Adele is interested in vampires and encourages Sookie’s relationship with Bill (who eventually speaks about his first-hand experiences in the Civil War at a meeting of her historical society). Unfortunately, Bon Temps’ very own local psychokiller isn’t as forward thinking.