11 Cultural Resolutions for 2011

You know the New Year’s drill: once we’re done sucking down egg nog and Christmas cookies, as we recover from the night of a thousand bubbly toasts, it feels appropriate to repent and promise ourselves we’ll behave better in the year ahead. Despite our low success rate with personal resolutions, here at Flavorpill we’ve decided to make some cultural resolutions for next year. From artistic freedom and literary diversity to the end of critical hegemony and a reawakened youth culture, here are 11 changes we hope 2011 will bring.

1. Art-censorship battles will become a thing of the past.

The culture wars of the ’80s came back this fall, when the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery removed David Wojnarowicz’s video, “Fire in My Belly” from an exhibition after the increasingly grating John Boehner demanded that “Smithsonian officials should either acknowledge the mistake and correct it, or be prepared to face tough scrutiny beginning in January.”

Now, these controversies seem to spring up a few times every decade. Usually, it’s because some right-wing politician thinks that a particular exhibition or work of art is too explicit or blasphemous. But last we checked, the US Constitution guarantees all citizens freedom of expression — and a country that actively encourages its artists to push the envelope and create discussion is bound to be stronger and smarter than one that represses them.