Sacha Baron Cohen Might Be Able to Top Borat [Morning Links]

The first 22 minutes of Bruno is a hit: “In the footage, the very fey Austrian-accented Bruno auditions a series of (real) parents. One after another agrees without flinching to let him do terrible, dangerous things to their children — from extreme dieting and liposuction to letting them pose as Jesus on the cross — just to get a job.”

Sports architecture: The New Yorker reviews the new stadiums for the Yanks and the Mets.

Three people injured, six arrested at an America’s Next Top Model casting call in New York City. Maybe they were all channeling Naomi Campbell?

Spoiler alert: Digg’s Kevin Rose talks about the new iPhone 3.0 before Apple’s official announcement tomorrow.

Listen to readings by Joseph Heller and Vladimir Nabokov at the New York Times audio archive. Or, if you prefer your authors alive, there’s Jonathan Safran Foer.

How Cameron Crowe is like Coldplay

Nelly Furtado once wanted to be like Ani Difranco?! (Oh, and she’s launching her own indie record label.)

Film trend: “Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, which employed Indian settings, and, revolutionarily, Indian actors, may have also helped popularize India as a film destination.”

Michael Jackson is working on Moonwalk 2.0.

In real life Cooper Nielson from Center Stage is more taskmaster teach than ballet badass and Jody Sawyer isn’t in his dance company. 😦

Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name: Now, It’s Syfy