The Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Scandals

Twitter may be less than four years old, but we’re pretty sure it’s the fastest-growing medium for celebrity scandals. In the past, a star might have had to express his dumb thoughts through a publicist or be caught without underpants by a pervy paparazzo. These days, celebrities (and their followers) have the tools for global embarrassment at their fingertips — and boy, are they using them.

The past few weeks have brought a raft of new Twitter debacles, from Chris Brown’s homophobic rant to Justin Bieber fans’ attack on Selena Gomez to the news that Courtney Love’s tweets have finally resulted in a lawsuit. Read on to see where those items land on our list of the top ten celebrity Twitter scandals.

10. AMC attacks fake Mad Men

There’s brand control and then there’s shooting yourself in the damn foot. Back in 2008, the folks at AMC learned that some fans had created faux Twitter accounts for the Mad Men crew (and their Xerox). This outpouring of fan zeal was, frankly, unacceptable. So the network complained to Twitter, and Twitter disabled those accounts. Tons of bad publicity later, AMC decided to allow the accounts. Now, if you are so inclined, you can even follow the Drapers’ baby son, Gene.