10 Artists Who Use Yarn As Their Medium

Over Christmas, you may have seen street artist Agata Olek’s latest contribution to the beautification of New York: a pink patterned sweater she crocheted around the iconic bull statue on Wall Street. Olek may have made the biggest splash lately, but she’s far from the only artist to use yarn as their medium of creation: from graffiti “yarn-bombers” who knit tags in public places to high-brow contemporary sculptors, many have embraced knitting, felting, crocheting, and otherwise working with fiber to make sculpture, paintings, and performance. Below, a look at 10 of them.

Tatyana Yanishevsky

Drawing her inspiration from the natural world gone slightly awry — this piece, for example, is entitled Bloodshot Aphid — Yanishevsky makes delicate knitted sculptures using wool and wire. Her newest show, which opens on January 8th at the Brooklyn Art Library, she describes as a “catalogue in which scientific fact is obscured by personal experience and grotesque fantasy.”