50 Street Art Odes to Pop Culture Icons

If there’s one thing that is as fleeting as celebrity is, it’s street art. Which is why we thought it would be interesting to look at the intersection of the two. After the jump, find 50 of our favorite street art odes to some of pop culture’s biggest icons — from Muhammad Ali to Betty White.

Muhammad Ali – Killarney, Ireland. [via]

Woody Allen – New York City. © Ivan Corsa Photos [via Global Graphica]

Johann Sebastian Bach – Berlin. [via CBS_Fan]

Erykah Badu – Melbourne. [via NowPublic]

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz – Cuenca, Spain. [via Matthew Strong]

Roberto Bolaño – Barcelona. [via Global Graphica]

David Bowie – Reykjavík, Iceland. [via Observe The Banana]

James Brown – Bayonne, New Jersey. [via FLOW TWE graffti art]

The Clash – London. [via markstravelphotos]

Bill Clinton – Berlin. [via oliverchesler]