10 Great Works of Literature for America’s 10 Most Literate Cities

The results are in on Central Connecticut State University’s annual study ranking the most literate cities in the United States. And guess what? Despite the literary mecca that is Brooklyn, New York doesn’t even crack the top 25. In fact, we’re pretty sure the top 10 will surprise you. But don’t worry if you’re not conversant in the literary classics of our most well-read cities. We’ve matched each with a book that’s set there. Take a virtual roadtrip through America’s most literate metropolises after the jump.

1. Washington, DC

Washington, DC by Gore Vidal

Any book that’s supposed to represent America’s capitol city is going to have to take on politics, and Vidal’s 1967 novel delivers. Part of the author’s Narratives of Empire series, which examines our country’s history through the eyes of two fictional families, Washington, DC focuses on political corruption and intrigue during the New Deal.