15 Beers Inspired by Famous Musicians

The craft beer market has gotten crowded these days, with all manner of IPAs and double bocks vying for space on the grocery store shelves. Breweries have begun differentiated themselves not only with zany ingredients — passion fruit! coffee! saffron! — but also with clever names and interesting pop culture referring titles. Recently, there’s been a wave of music-inspired suds, giving the nod to storied jazz greats or amping up a favorite new indie band. From Wilco to Frank Zappa to Outkast, seems like everyone has a beer these days. We’ve rounded up fifteen music inspired microbrews for your perusal, after the jump.

Dogfish Head’s Bitches Brew

Released in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ iconic album, this beer is one of Dogfish Head’s signature crazy-sounding but delicious-tasting brews, mixing  “imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root.”