10 Snow-Covered Films to Help You Weather the Blizzard

Only a few weeks after our most recent Snowmageddon, another blizzard is brewing for the Northeast. Since that may mean a snow day for many of our readers — and we bet no small number of you got your yearly snow-playing out of the way last month — we’ve devised a way for you to frolic in a winter wonderland without ever leaving the cozy comfort of your couch. The films we’ve rounded up aren’t just set in cold climates; they’re full-on sensory experiences that immerse you in a world of snow and ice.

McCabe & Mrs. Miller

McCabe & Mrs. Miller is a Western, but like all Robert Altman’s films, it transcends its genre. Warren Beatty and Julie Christie play the titular pair in this wintry tale of a frontier town on its way up, its prostitutes, and the shadowy, menacing figures who will do anything to take over its lucrative mining operation. (Watch out for the clip above — it’s very snowy, but it’s also a spoiler.)