25 Presents for Your Valentine That Don’t Suck

Valentine’s Day is a pretty warped holiday when you think about it. For people who aren’t in a relationship, it’s often cringe-inducing to see other people get cards/flowers/candy/stuffed animals, even if you’re not usually into that kind of thing. But it can be much more uncomfortable for the participating parties — suddenly there are baffling expectations that center on overpriced lingerie, armloads of roses, and tables-for-two. To take some of the stress out of the situation, check out our shopping guide for February 14. We’ll go ahead and warn you that there is an overwhelming amount of both hearts and the color red involved, but everything that we’ve picked out is a present that we’d actually be psyched to give or receive — or simply buy for ourselves. Let us know in the comments which gifts you love!

You Are Here Letter Press Poster, $25

The anatomically-correct (not to mention, aesthetically pleasing) way to show that special someone exactly where they fit in your life.