Our 10 Favorite Out-of-Control TV Teens

Rebellious and delinquent teens are among TV’s favorite tropes. They’re dangerous, romantic, and compelling all at once — and they get away with antics that aren’t so attractive on older characters. Of course, compared to the wild things who populate Skins, the British series whose American version debuts Monday on MTV, many of our favorite out-of-control teens look like honor students. So, we’re paying them tribute one last time, before they become obsolete. (Note: If you’re the kind of person who gets upset about seeing years-old plot points revealed in print, consider yourself spoiler-alerted.)

Rayanne Graff, My So-Called Life

Rayanne may be TV’s best teenage bad-girl to date. Angela Chase’s BFF unabashedly parties, abuses drugs, sleeps around, and moves in on Angela’s man. Also, how cool were her excessively layered outfits and over-accessorized hairdos? In the mid-’90s, we wanted to be Rayanne — well, minus the pathetic mom and accidental drug overdose…