The Hip-Hop Recipe Book

The hip-hop world and the culinary realm have always been closer than you might think. Maybe it’s just that food is a handy metaphorical tool for romantic conquest and desirability, or that the jump from eating sardines for dinner to sippin’ champagne when you’re thirsty (like Biggie proclaimed) is a universally understood shorthand for getting really, really rich, but good food and hip-hop lyrics have often gone hand in hand. Consider that the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” often thought to be the first cohesive hip-hop song, has a whole section devoted to a bad meal at a friend’s house (“The macaroni’s soggy, the peas are mushed/ And the chicken tastes like wood.”)

Perhaps because the new Kanye West and Jay-Z single is titled “H.A.M.” and there’s now an entire Tumblr dedicated to changing Yeezy lyrics into food-related rhymes, we got to thinking about what culinary tips we can pick up from rap songs. So, without further ado, a compendium of recipes and and cooking instructions culled from hip-hop lyrics.

Nas’ Fried Chicken

As interpreted from “Fried Chicken” [ft. Busta Rhymes]:

Chef Nas reminds us that fried chicken “gives me heart disease, but I need you in my kitchen.”

1. Wash in a shower, drag in Gold Medal flour
2. Dip in buttermilk then “rub in” a pan of hot oil for about half an hour
3. Lay down on a paper towel waitin’
4. Serve with red hot sauce (Louisiana style)

“Like Greeks with their souvla or Italians with their tomato pasta/Or roti is to a Rasta, trappin’ me, you and your friend mac and cheese.”