A Guide to the Academy Awards’ 2011 Best Foreign Film Shortlist

For those who are more interested in art-house films than blockbusters, today brought some interesting awards news: the Academy has announced its shortlist of nine movies in the running for a foreign-language film nomination. The list includes a few predictable choices (Biutiful, Dogtooth) and a handful of surprises, not to mention its fair share of snubs: where are I Am Love and Enter the Void? After the jump, we introduce to you to the movies on the shortlist, in a guide complete with trailers and US release dates, so you know when to look for them at a theater near you.

Algeria: Hors la Loi (Outside the Law), dir. Rachid Bouchareb

Against the backdrop of World War II, a family loses its home and is sent wandering around the world. One brother joins the French army, another becomes a powerful figure in the country’s Algerian independence movement, and the third becomes wealthy through morally questionable business dealings. At the height of the conflict between their paths and agendas, the family comes together in Paris.

US release date: November 2010