65 Things You Didn’t Know About David Lynch

On the occasion of David Lynch’s 65th birthday (and with the 25th anniversary of his masterpiece Blue Velvet coming up this September), Flavorpill presents 65 obscure facts about the renegade director/writer/photographer/musician/artist. Enjoy!

1. By the time he was 14, David Lynch had already lived in six different cities and five different states: Montana, Idaho, Washington, North Carolina, and Virginia.

2. He initially studied to be a painter.

3. Scripts are generally a page per minute of onscreen action, but the script for Eraserhead (which is 89 minutes long) is only 21 pages.

4. On his 15th birthday, Lynch worked with his fellow Virginia Eagle Scouts seating VIPs in the bleachers outside the White House at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration.

5. During the five year production of Eraserhead, Lynch split from his first wife (Peggy Reavey) and married his second (Mary Fisk).

6. The idea for the title of the film Lost Highway came from a phrase in a novel by Barry Gifford, Night People. Only later on did Lynch find out Hank Williams had written a song called “Lost Highway.”

7. In the early ‘80s, Stanley Kubrick referred to Eraserhead as his favorite film.

8. Lynch has directed a number commercials, including ones for Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Playstation 2, and a Japanese coffee company.

9. Along with Twin Peaks, his other television work includes the short-lived ABC show On the Air, about a 1950s TV network, and the HBO miniseries Hotel Room.

10. The first half of his 2001 film Mulholland Drive was originally made as a pilot for ABC, before later being completed as a film.