The Worst Reality TV Judges of All Time

We have a confession to make: last night, we tried to watch the season premiere of American Idol, after basically ignoring the show for the past five years. And you know what? It was so bad that we had to give up less than halfway through. Without Simon Cowell, the show is a sad shell of its former self, with new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez sending everyone who used some vibrato to Hollywood. Scary but true: we are now looking at era in which the toughest judge is Randy Jackson.

Uninspiring as they were, Tyler and Lopez got us thinking about the worst judges in the history of the short-lived reality TV genre. After conducting an informal poll of Flavorpill staff and friends, we came up with the following list of ten judges we’d like to vote off the island.

Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef

Listen, we don’t dislike Padma. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant, she’s a fine host, and if you got her drunk, she could probably tell you some stories about Salman Rushdie that could make your head spin. But she’s basically dead weight at the judging table, nodding along and repeating whatever the more experienced members of the panel have to say.