’90s Teen Movie Stars: Where Are They Now?

Here at Flavorpill, we love the ’90s — and it’s pretty clear that you do, too. So, when we recently caught a few minutes of one of our favorite movies of the decade, Dazed and Confused, on TV, it got us thinking: What happened to the actors in that movie who weren’t Matthew McConaughey or Parker Posey? For that matter, what are the Empire Records gang or the kids from The Craft and Clueless doing these days? And how about Matthew Lillard — where’s he been? After the jump, we satisfy our curiosity (and hopefully yours, too) by checking in on ten of our favorite ’90s teen movie stars.

Rory Cochrane

Best known as: Lucas from Empire Records, Ron Slater from Dazed and Confused

For a few short years, American-born, British-raised Rory Cochrane was the ideal crush object for weird girls everywhere. This talented character actor looked completely different in his two cult-classic roles, as the cryptic, Zen-like Lucas in Empire Records and Ron Slater, the long-haired stoner who gave an epic speech about George Washington’s drug adventures in Dazed and Confused. A bit of trivia: Did you know that Cochrane lived with his Empire co-star Renée Zellweger for four years?

Now 39, Cochrane has continued to work in film and TV, showing up in movies like Hart’s War (2002) and Public Enemies (2009). These days, TV audiences probably know him best from CSI and CSI: Miami, where he spent 2002 t0 2004 playing Detective Tim Speedle. Although his character was killed off, he did make a guest appearance on the show a few years later, as a colleague’s hallucination. In 2009, Cochrane played the recurring role of Greg Seaton on the seventh season of 24. Most recently, Cochrane co-starred with some huge names — Mickey Rourke, Megan Fox, and Bill Murray — in a thriller called Passion Play, which was supposed to come out last year but (and this is kind of a bad sign) still hasn’t set a release date.