Gallery: Linnea Strid’s Hungover Hyperrealism

Swedish-born artist Linnea Strid paints beautiful, hyperrealistic images of people who look like they’ve been partying a little too hard. In one of Strid’s vivid paintings, a dreadlocked celebrant is passed out on the grass, surrounded by beer bottles, at what looks like a music festival. In another, a young woman whose face we can’t see covers herself with blankets and sheets as harsh, morning light streams in the hotel room window. There’s a shockingly red-lipped three-way kiss (an homage to pervy photographer Terry Richardson, of course) and a hand covered in blood.

While Strid’s themes vary, many of her pictures imply a sort of dark reflection on the past night’s — or even a whole lifetime’s — mistakes. Girls stare in mirrors or pour water over their heads, looking for some way to cleanse themselves of regrets. Page through some of our favorite Strid paintings, and inevitably relive your own self-destructive moments, after the jump.

Linnea Strid, Generation Trash, 2010, oil on plywood, 55 x 61 cm.