0% of students with "studio arts" major are virgins… [Morning Links]

Virginity rates among students by major at Wellesley College. (Spoiler alert:Math geeks didn’t fare so well.)

Ticketmaster posts loss of $1.07 billion, aiding their case for a Live Nation merger

Is Kindle headed to court?

Obama’s ‘Special Olympics’ Leno Gaffe (video)

The idea of Seth Rogen refusing to return Lindsay Lohan’s calls makes us giggle.

You can put him in a loincloth, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything different from Michael Cera. (We like him, but it’s true.)

Do we need posthumous publication? Mark Twain would have said no. David Foster Wallace’s agent would say yes.

Michael Kontopoulos’ klutzy sculptures (video)

Fiction Fix-lite: Four tales from David Eagleman’s Sum: Forty Tales From the Afterlives. (Brian Eno is a fan.)

Ew: Cindy Adams gushing over Hulk Hogan is just weird

“TV’s best drama series, Big Love, wraps its near-perfect third season Sunday with an episode that features a shocking announcement, a major death, and more twists and turns than a Rold Gold factory.”