Happy Chinese New Year: 40 Culturally Relevant Rabbits

Yesterday may have been Groundhog Day, but today belongs to a different woodland critter entirely. Chinese New Year falls on February 3rd in 2011, which means the year of the tiger is over (sorry, Amy Chua) and the rabbit’s reign has begun. Characterized in the Chinese zodiac as friendly, sensitive, and creative, they’re better known in Western culture as, well, horny. Whatever you associate with them, they’re incredibly well represented in pop culture, from highbrow literature to Saturday morning cartoons. After the jump, we ring in the new year with 40 of the most culturally relevant rabbits of all time.

1. Bugs Bunny

2. Donnie Darko

3. White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

4. “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane

5. White Rabbits (the band)

6. Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh

7. Nanabozho

8. “Who Could Win a Rabbit?” by Animal Collective