A Field Guide to Women in Romantic Comedies

Today’s leading rom-com chick is almost always the same three things: neurotic, addicted to her career, and Katherine Heigl. But have you ever noticed that her so-called friends — yes, those girls who exist primarily to remind her how single (sad face!) she is — can be equally reductive and pathetic? After all, if that girl’s got one thing, it’s a gaggle of friends, rivals, and frenemies to guide her by example, pep talks, or the sheer power of bitchiness to her dream man. Check out eight of the most common species of single-function film females after the jump so that you, too, can start putting the women in your life in boxes and forgetting about that darned unique personality business.

The Horny Friend

Because our main gal is usually as bland as a Saltine found under the sofa cushions, romcoms usually call upon a down ‘n’ dirty friend to encourage her to do really crazy things like allow herself to find happiness or date the guy who follows her around like a puppy dog. Christine Taylor in The Wedding Singer is one of the better examples — she plays Drew Barrymore’s sexually active cousin with a heart of gold and the best ’80s hair in movie memory.

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