Essential Mid-Winter Hibernation Reading

We’re one week into February, arguably the cruelest month of the year. You know the rule: Never make decisions after 3am, or anytime in February. Words to live by. So if you’re not going to be making any decisions, you’re likely to want to stay bundled up in your apartment, igloo, or underground bunker until we at least hit March, and we think you’re going to need some February reading material to keep you warm. We’ve already told you our thoughts on the best cold weather songs for the long winter ahead, but not everyone can survive on music alone, so click through for our essential cold-weather reading list for your hibernation this February.

Aurorarama, by Jean-Christophe Valtat

In the Arctic city of New Venice, the citizens do snowcaine, take tax-sleds home from parties, and generally do a lot of punny cold-weather activities. But it’s also a beautiful novel about living in an inhabitable city, with steampunk sensibilities and a healthy dose of political drama. Excuse us, pole-itical. See, fun for hours.