Video of the Day: The Unofficial Star Wars Documentary

Now this is what we call a serious fan. Jambe Davdar has put together three jaw-dropping fan documentaries – or as he calls them, unofficial commentaries, about the Star Wars films. Basically, he recut all three films with a lifetime’s worth of deleted scenes, production footnotes, bloopers, interviews and commentary from the cast and crew, alternate takes, reconstructed scenes and more, to assemble an in-depth, complete look at how the Star Wars Trilogy became what it is. Davdar began the project in 2007, and only recently finished and released the final product to the internets. Get ready to nerd out. We hope your couch is comfy.

Star Wars Begins: 1234567891011121314.

Building Empire: 12345678910111213141516,1718192021222324.

Returning to Jedi: 123456789101112131415,1617181920212223.

[via The Daily What]