Recovering from the Battlestar Galactica Series Finale [Morning Links]

For all the geeks in mourning: Top Ten Battlestar Galactica Moments

“He was the only man to win the grand prize on India’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” And though he wasn’t a slumdog, he has now devoted his life to helping impoverished children.”

“It is probably fair to say that Andrea Palladio, who died in 1580, is the patron saint of every McMansion that has ever cluttered the American landscape, because it was he who brought architectural aspiration to the houses of the moderately wealthy.”

Is Netflix about to get spanked?

Sylvia Plath’s son Nicholas Hughes commits suicide

The New York Times and Obama are going through a bit of a rough patch…

Robert Greenwald’s first “real-time” web documentary a bid to help shape policy in Afghanistan

Morbid fun: 25 Dead (Famous) People on Twitter

Bruce Willis marries Demi 2.0

“The House of Juliet, with the legendary balcony where Juliet Capulet is said to have pined for Romeo, will soon be used as a venue for weddings, city officials in Verona have announced.”

Alas, poor Julia: We guess people care more about Nic Cage in space than we thought.

An interview with our favorite TV guru, Josh Schwartz

And finally: DRUMS!