10 Badass Lady Drummers

Recently, Rolling Stone conducted a poll asking readers to pick the 10 best drummers of all time. While we’re not particularly surprised by the results (and we love us some Keith Moon), we’re miffed at the omission of female drummers. Dave Grohl and ?uestlove, but no Janet Weiss or Moe Tucker? Historically, women might have been more likely to pick up a microphone than a set of drumsticks, but luckily there’s a host of great bands from the Vivian Girls to the Honeycombs that had some serious lady talent behind the drumkit. So listen up, all ye Rolling Stone poll-responders: We’ve rounded up 10 of the best women drummers of all time, after the jump.

Karen Carpenter

Though Karen Carpenter is better known for her mellifluous voice and battle with eating disorders, she was a fantastic –and enthusiastic –drummer. Carpenter originally sang from behind a drumkit, but was later convinced to stand at the mic while Cubby O’Brien took over drumming duties. But as this solo special proves, she hadn’t lost her touch.