The 10 Most Unlikely Songs About Celebrities

DJ team Duck Sauce appear to have achieved global dance floor dominance thanks to their hit “Barbra Streisand,” earning chart slots everywhere from the UK to Australia to South Africa. It’s a catchy, bouncy, feverish track, but it’s certainly not one that Barbra Streisand would release. It seems like an odd match: a club track about your grandma’s favorite vocalist? So it got us thinking about other unlikely celebrity-inspired songs, from Mu’s electro-freakout “Paris Hilton,” to Woody Guthrie’s musings on Ingrid Bergman. Check out our top ten after the jump.

“David Duchovny” by Bree Sharp

Bree Sharp’s homage to David Duchovny is pretty sweet, in a celebrity stalker way, but it seems like an odd person to have a crush on. Sure, he’s cute on The X-Files, but don’t singer-songwriters have crushes on more sensitive, artsy types and not, say, a deeply troubled sex addict? It’s a good thing the chorus alone — “David Duchovny/Why don’t you love me?” — is worth the weirdness factor.